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Can carbonite backup servers?

Can Carbonite Backup Servers?


When it comes to data protection and disaster recovery, businesses rely heavily on backup solutions. One popular solution in the market is Carbonite, a cloud-based backup service. But can Carbonite effectively backup servers? In this article, we will explore the capabilities of Carbonite when it comes to server backup and discuss its suitability for businesses in the UK.

The Basics of Carbonite Backup

Carbonite is primarily known for its user-friendly backup software designed for individual users and small businesses. It offers automatic and continuous cloud backup for personal computers, including files, documents, photos, and other vital data. However, when it comes to backing up servers, Carbonite offers a more advanced product called Carbonite Safe Server Backup.

Carbonite Safe Server Backup

Carbonite Safe Server Backup is specifically designed to protect critical business data stored on servers. It provides features such as image-based backup, bare-metal restore, and granular recovery options. With these capabilities, businesses can ensure the continuity of their operations even in the face of unexpected events like hardware failures, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters.

Features and Capabilities

  1. Image-Based Backup: Carbonite Safe Server Backup creates an image-based backup of the entire server, capturing the operating system, applications, settings, and data. This approach allows for quick restoration of the entire server in case of a complete system failure.
  2. Bare-Metal Restore: When disaster strikes and a server needs to be rebuilt, Carbonite Safe Server Backup offers bare-metal restore functionality. This allows businesses to recover the entire server, including the operating system and applications, onto new hardware or virtual machines.
  3. Granular Recovery: Carbonite also provides granular recovery options, allowing businesses to restore specific files, folders, or even individual emails. This flexibility is essential when dealing with accidental deletions or data corruption.
  4. Centralized Management: With Carbonite Safe Server Backup, businesses can effectively manage their backup tasks from a centralized web-based console. This feature simplifies the administration process, especially when dealing with multiple servers across different locations.

Server Compatibility

Carbonite Safe Server Backup is compatible with both physical and virtual servers. It supports major operating systems such as Windows Server (including Windows Server 2019) and various virtualization platforms like VMware and Hyper-V. This compatibility ensures that businesses can protect their servers regardless of their infrastructure setup.

Benefits of Carbonite for UK Businesses

“Carbonite Safe Server Backup offers UK businesses a reliable and scalable solution for server backup. Its image-based backup, bare-metal restore, and granular recovery capabilities ensure that critical data is protected and can be quickly restored. With the ever-present risk of data loss or system failure, Carbonite serves as an essential tool for businesses in the UK to safeguard their operations.”


In conclusion, Carbonite can indeed backup servers effectively through its dedicated product, Carbonite Safe Server Backup. With its advanced features, including image-based backup, bare-metal restore, and granular recovery options, Carbonite provides UK businesses with a robust solution for protecting critical server data. By utilizing Carbonite, businesses can ensure business continuity and minimize downtime in the event of data loss or system failures.

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